Colleagues Recommendations

“Carole's enthusiasm for technology and the benefits of it is unbelievably contagious. She is always excited and enthusiastic about what technology can do for us. Our schools and students benefit from her expertise which she willingly offers. If you are looking for someone to explore technology uses with your organization I would highly recommend Carole. She walks the walk and talks the talk.” Associate, Archdiocese of Baltimore worked indirectly for Carole at Archdiocese of Baltimore, Linda Skeen

“I've worked with Carole in her capacity as the Certification liaison for teachers in the Archdiocese of Baltimore since the Fall of 2008. She works tirelessly to make certification seamless for everyone involved, including facilitating the process for hundreds of teachers and development of a personal website that contains comprehensive information to aid teachers with the procedure. It is a pleasure to work with Carole who is dedicated to exemplary customer service and professionalism.Specialist, Maryland State Dept. of Education worked directly with Carole at Archdiocese of Baltimore, Carole Catalfo

“Carole is a remarkable visionary in the application of academic technology to face-to-face, hybrid/blended, and online settings. I was privileged to collaborate with her as well as to have her as a professor for a graduate level course. She consistently demonstrates the highest cognitive levels of thinking in the application and evaluation of not only technology solutions, but the ways in which they can be integrated into teaching and learning. Her expertise in educational technology is entirely commensurate with her expertise in learning theories. I have also observed first-hand her personal energy and motivation, in the form of coaching and mentoring of colleagues as well as her ability to organize and execute superb conferences and symposiums. Carole would be a tremendous resource for any educational team or endeavor.” Sr. Academic Technology Specialist - Pedagogy, Goucher College worked directly with  Carole at Goucher College, Jeffrey Samuels

“I recommend Dr. Carole Redline most heartily and sincerely. In the year and a half that we have been colleagues working for the Archdiocese of Baltimore's Catholic Schools, Dr. Redline has been nothing short of inspirational because of her passion for her work and her expertise. Her belief and knowledge about how technology can facilitate teaching, learning and administering in education have resulted in her creation of some of the most useful - and usable - technological tools I have ever known. Moreover, she is a master teacher in her field; she can motivate even the most timid user of technology, like me, to try an application she has customized and discover how learner- friendly she has made it. Her ability to approach technology from the perspective of the learner and eliminate nearly all frustration from acquiring the skills to employ it are unmatched by any other professional I have encountered. At the same time, her love for what she does is infectious. I would be pleased to assist in any way whatever further positive assessment of this gifted professional you may need. Sincerely, A. Skipp Sanders” Associate Supt. of Schools, Archdiocese of Baltimore worked directly with Carole at Archdiocese of Baltimore, Skipp Sanders

“Dr. Carole Redline has been a major influence and the prime architect in the use of technology in the Archdiocese of Baltimore's academic program. Her vision, understanding and easy style has brought comfort to the uninitiated, support to those more technologically advanced and trust with all those with whom she works. She is a visionary and the quintessential professional.”Superintendent of Catholic Schools, Archdiocese of Baltimore managed Carole at Archdiocese of Baltimore, Ron Valenti

“Carole gave me an opportunity to work as an adjunct instructor at Goucher in the Teachers' Institute. Her patience and gentle leadership convinced me to pursue my doctorate. Carole's leadership has also been key to the development of the distance learning offered to the teachers in the Archdiocese of Baltimore. As the Director of Academic Technology at the AOB, she designed an incredible program that provides quality training at an affordable price. Carole has tremendous intellectual curiosity, energy, and flexibility and has been a wonderful model for those interested in learning about the integration of technology into education. She is available and approachable and can see issues from multiple perspectives. In addition, she has been a great source of inspiration for me both professionally and personally.”Adjunct Instructor, Archdiocese of Baltimore reported to Carole at Archdiocese of Baltimore,Theresa Wilkins

“Carole has enough energy for our entire group. Her primary goal is discovering the best tools of learning for our students. She is most responsible for effectively leading our Catholic schools into the 21st century through technology. She is persistent and leaves no stone unturned in researching the latest and best use of what's new in the technological field and then introducing her findings to our admin team and schools through mufti-media discourse and training - all with a warm, personal touch.”Director, Marketing & Advancement, Archdiocese of Baltimore
worked directly with Carole at Archdiocese of Baltimore, Janis Peck

Director of Distance Learning
Goucher College

“Anyone who comes in contact with Dr. Carole Redline cannot help but marvel at her incredible energy and enthusiasm. After being Carole's student, and then working with her, I learned that her energy is fueled by the great pleasure she derives from mentoring, guiding, and working with her students and colleagues. Always eager to learn and share new, creative, or innovative ways to communicate with or teach students, Carole is a model for what the teacher's role in the new millennium should be: one who motivates, ignites the fire for learning, supports and cheers for her students. Carole generously imparts a vision for how technology can be used to improve teaching and learning and empower today's students. I whole-heatedly support Dr. Carole in all her endeavors.”  Director of Distance Learning, Baltimore City Community College reported to Carole at Goucher College,Dr. Diana Zilberman

“Over the past 8 years, Carole Redline has been my teacher, mentor, and advocate. It was my good fortune to take her educational technology courses at Goucher. Her courses inspired me and transformed my teaching. As a teacher, Dr. Redline emphasizes constructivist education. As a result, I learned more about educational technology and learning theory than would have been possible in a traditional classroom. She emphasized authentic assessments. Every thing I learned in her classes had practical applications that enhanced my understanding of pedagogy. Dr. Redline motivates students to reach their potential. She is an excellent role model who teaches by example. She created an exciting, collaborative environment for the Archdiocese of Baltimore by providing opportunities for teachers to gather, showcase their skills, and share best practices. She applies a turnkey style of teaching, enabling her students to spread the methodologies they learn to their respective schools. As a result, she has both directly and indirectly influenced countless teachers and students. Her superior knowledge of distance education and technology integration, combined with her dynamic personality, make her an outstanding educator and consultant. As a direct result of her support and teaching, I was able to pursue a rewarding career path in educational technology. I have appreciated her wisdom and good counsel over the years. I offer my highest endorsement to any school or education system considering working with Carole Redline Goucher College,Cherie McGovern. 

Kudos from my students

Carole was the perfect role model for how to create presence in an online course.

Carole is a great role model for how to be an effective facilitator.  She is knowledgeable, encouraging and engaging.  This was a highly valuable course. Thank you!

This was a wonderful course. The facilitator responded promptly and was very supportive and encouraging.  I definitely would recommend this course and Carole Redline as the facilitator. 

I loved this class so much. I learned more than I expected, which obviously is great. I am extremely interested in the Khan Academy and am already trying to retrieve more information about it and implementing it into my classroom. I really feel that my students will benefit from it more than my traditional style of teaching. I also like flipped learning too. First I think it will make teaching easier for me but the students to learn in a new way. I have to completely honest and say that I feel that I learned more in this class than I have in a long time. I will use the information and resources from this class in my classroom for a long time. Thank you so much for introducing these great ideas. It was awesome.|

 I have learned a great deal in this class that I intend to use in my classroom this school year. I did not realize that integrating technology in the classroom could go beyond "bells and whistles". The addition of technology based lessons can improve student learning, focus and excitement about learning. I plan to use the wiki page, Edline and the flipped lesson plans to enhance my classroom this year. Thank you for introducing me to a new world of technology for my students. I have learned a great deal and thoroughly enjoyed both classes.

 Wow!! What a great class. I have learned so much and have so many great ideas to use in the fall. I will definitely use the Khan website and I would love to be able to implement flipped learning in the classroom.. I just need to figure out how my students will be able to access computers since most don't have access at home. I may show the videos at the end of the day in class or in the computer lab to solve this problem; The Wikispaces was a challenge for me to learn at the beginning. I'm still trying to make sure that I put everything in the correct spot and completed all the assignments correctly. Overall, I really enjoyed this course.Carolyn

I have to admit, I was nervous when this class first started (I even began a week early) because I wasn't very familiar with the website and even though I have been around technology for most of my life, it usually takes me a little bit of time to get used to. Unfortunately, I have not had great experiences with online classes previously, but I really enjoyed how this class allowed us to explore and have fun. I learned a great deal about technology and really enjoyed learning about the philosophies of Marc Prensky. I agree with a lot of what Marc Prensky had to say and it was very interesting to reflect on his teachings.

As technology coordinator I consider myself very knowledgeable about teaching technology to my students as well as assisting my colleagues. Despite that this course has taught me so much .Although I use technology every day in the classroom ad have access to Moodle, I never thought of assigning work for students to do online at home.

This week has been incredible. I knew going into it that it would be intense and I was prepared for that. I had NO idea how much knowledge I would gain in such a short time and I feel like there is so much more that I can explore on my own. I can't wait to implement many of these new ideas in a classroom and I no longer feel like a dinosaur who has no idea of the latest technologies that are available. So many new things are coming out each day in this field and the volume can be overwhelming, but I now feel that I'm more up-to-date and I don't have to be intimidated by any of it. After all, who knew that there were instructional videos on just about any topic out there?! I found myself using many of them this week, just to learn what a widget was, or what Diigo was, or what a flipped classroom looked like!

I can't say enough good things about this week. Has it been long? yes. Am I exhausted? absolutely. Do I feel like I've conquered a monumental task? for sure! But I also feel a great sense of pride and accomplishment as well as a renewed excitement for teaching!

This was my very first online course. My family thought they were going to have to take turns sitting with me and helping me get through this class, but I fooled them. They were very, very, very surprised at what I accomplished with the help of my colleagues and my instructor. It was truly an AWESOME experience for me. The fear of taking an online course is gone. I learned quite a lot of valuable information

I am thinking of how the course was engaging from start to finish. Dr. Redline, I can't thank you and your daughter enough for all the time effort you put into planning/creating such an AWESOME experience for this student. May God Bless and keep you. Wilma

I am so grateful that you offered this course. It has changed my thinking and my way of planning for classroom teaching. Prensky's articles were perfect for getting the message across that education is changing whether or not I change with it. The setup of this course was great for learning about the online collaboration process and implementing it in the classroom. By working with a team to accomplish a task, I was able to see issues my students might encounter and plan for them. Introducing us to Web 2.0 sources and having us comment on them and reply to other comments let me see how I could use a wiki in my classroom.  Jennifer

This class continues to enlighten me with so many new educational styles and methods.Today’s students are constantly using technology for socializing so why shouldn’t we use it to engage them with educational lessons as well. It is our job as teachers to be able to differentiate learning to fit the needs of our students and if that means creating animated videos and interactive lessons and lectures then so be it. Most of my students have such short attention spans that by the time I’m done instructing for 20-30 minutes they have completely tuned me out. By having the shorter videos online at home students are able to move at their own pace whether that means having to watch the video several times or move more rapidly ahead of the rest of the class to avoid boredom. Another benefit to shifting the lectures to the home would be that it provides more in class time for projects, group discussions, and one on one or small group teacher tutoring.