Early Childhood

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app: So many things, study guides, quizzes etc. 

All free. (maryland history algebra)

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Guides you step by step on a sample pack of flashcard

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Middle School 


Diigo 5 written directions.docx Diigo 5 written directions.docx
Size : 16.462 Kb
Type : docx
diigo ..pdf diigo ..pdf
Size : 2329.351 Kb
Type : pdf
Haiku links.docx Haiku links.docx
Size : 14.035 Kb
Type : docx
rScoop.it.ppt rScoop.it.ppt
Size : 3697.5 Kb
Type : ppt


Teachers_Guide_to_Edmodo.pdf Teachers_Guide_to_Edmodo.pdf
Size : 4653.415 Kb
Type : pdf
PDFScoopIt tutorial (1).pdf PDFScoopIt tutorial (1).pdf
Size : 1920.094 Kb
Type : pdf
Screen Chomp.docx Screen Chomp.docx
Size : 14.713 Kb
Type : docx

 Gmail trick: Students can sign up with your gmail account without having access to your account.  caroleredline+student1@gmail.com or credline+section1@gmail.com