21st century teaching, Global competition dictates the need for change.
The Baltimore Sun, July 8, 2012, Education Section, pages 1 and 7

Interesting that although the former superintendent of Maryland Public Schools wrote the following statement in 2012, her words ring true today. 

Today's students are tomorrow's workers, and with this in mind, the teachers who educate school children need to be prepared themselves to take their students further… With the advances in technology and the ability to find information about most topics online, teaching tactics have changed accordingly… It's not about having the right answer. It's about the opportunity to make mistakes while problem solving, which builds confidence and resilience.  (Nancy Grasmick)

What if educators didn't need to learn the technology but rather remained the curricular experts and educational guides while allowing the kids to use the technology in which they are already the experts?What if teachers did not need to know how to use technology but instead empowered their students to use 21st Century tools to answer curricular questions, solve problems, create presentations and collaborate with others? What if instead of seeing technology as an additional chore, teachers replaced their old teaching assignments with kid-powered research? Then the instruction of our students would reach incredible new heights and truly prepare our children for the future, a future of team work, collaboration and real world learning. (Marc Prensky)


Redline Consulting LLC

A message from Dr. Carole Redline

Professional Development  for Teachers and their Students

For the last 20 years I have been working with educators  to help them understand the power of technology as a tool for learning. Although I have seen remarkable progress and extraordinary projects, more training is needed to help teachers  keep pace with twenty-first century opportunities.

Each day there are more free Internet tools that encourage learning. Keeping pace with all the new ideas is daunting especially to educators who have never experienced the concept of allowing their students to take charge of their own learning. By experiencing new ideas themselves, educators will realize and embrace twenty-first century possibilities.

Paul, Carole and Rainy Redline  have moved from Baltimore County,Maryland  to Lithia Florida where Carole continues to work in online education The site is constructed in Yola.